Summary and Analysis of Extension Program Evaluation in R

Salvatore S. Mangiafico



Mood’s Median Test for Two-sample Data



Mood’s median test compares the medians of two or more groups.  The test can be conducted with the mood.medtest function in the RVAideMemoire package or with the median_test function in the coin package.


Appropriate data

•  One-way data with two or more groups

•  Dependent variable is ordinal, interval, or ratio

•  Independent variable is a factor with levels indicating groups

•  Observations between groups are independent.  That is, not paired or repeated measures data



•  Null hypothesis:  The medians of the populations from which the groups were sampled are equal.

•  Alternative hypothesis (two-sided): The medians of the populations from which the groups were sampled are not equal.



Significant results can be reported as “The median value of group A was significantly different from group B.”


Packages used in this chapter


The packages used in this chapter include:

•  RVAideMemoire

•  coin



The following commands will install these packages if they are not already installed:


Example using the RVAideMemoire package


This example uses the formula notation indicating that Likert is the dependent variable and Speaker is the independent variable.  The data= option indicates the data frame that contains the variables.  For the meaning of other options, see ?mood.medtest.


For appropriate plots and summary statistics, see the Two-sample Mann–Whitney U Test chapter.


Input =("
 Speaker  Likert
 Pooh      3
 Pooh      5
 Pooh      4
 Pooh      4
 Pooh      4
 Pooh      4
 Pooh      4
 Pooh      4
 Pooh      5
 Pooh      5
 Piglet    2
 Piglet    4
 Piglet    2
 Piglet    2
 Piglet    1
 Piglet    2
 Piglet    3
 Piglet    2
 Piglet    2
 Piglet    3

Data = read.table(textConnection(Input),header=TRUE)

###  Check the data frame





### Remove unnecessary objects


Mood’s Median Test


mood.medtest(Likert ~ Speaker,
             data  = Data,
             exact = FALSE)

Mood's median test

X-squared = 9.8, df = 1, p-value = 0.001745

### Median test by Monte Carlo simulation


median_test(Likert ~ Speaker,
            data = Data,
            distribution = approximate(B = 10000))

Approximative Two-Sample Brown-Mood Median Test

Z = -3.4871, p-value = 0.0011