Summary and Analysis of Extension Program Evaluation in R

Salvatore S. Mangiafico



Author of this Book and Version Notes



This book is written with the intention of providing users simple and complete examples of analyses common in the evaluation of extension education programs using the R Project for Statistical Computing.  I have chosen the computer code to both be as clear as possible for a beginner to follow, but also to demonstrate some of the options available in conducting analyses or producing plots of data.  In some cases the code is more difficult to follow than in others.


Likewise, discussion of the assumptions and theoretical considerations for the statistical analyses included here is limited.  Readers are encouraged to understand these considerations in more depth when using these analyses.


Author of this book


I am neither a statistician nor an R programmer, so all advice and code in this book comes without guarantee.  I am happy to accept corrections or suggestions.  Send correspondence to mangiafico@njaes.rutgers.edu.


Version notes


Version 1.11 – Code utilizing the lsmeans package has been switched to using the emmeans package. This appears to have required only minor changes in the code. If you find something that doesn’t work, please let me know.